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Athletic Cushion

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Athletic Pillow Pillowcases

Comfort with Maximum Support
A good pillow can prevent back and neck problems, so it is important that your pillow has the right shape, height and hardness. When your head receives the right support, the neck and spine adopt a relaxed position. To provide this, the M line Athletic Pillow contains viscoelastic foam, or memory foam. This material ensures that your pillow molds to your head. This open-cell foam and the special ventilation channels ensure maximum ventilation and hygiene during your sleep.

Unique Butterfly Shape
The Athletic Pillow has a unique butterfly shape, which ensures that the head remains in the center of the pillow, while the neck is properly enclosed. It is therefore often called a butterfly pillow. The neck recess leaves the neck free and protects nerves and blood vessels. For athletes, this is a valued feature of the M line pillow and is the basis of the name 'Athletic Pillow'.

The best sleeping position
The funnel-shaped concavity in the pillow keeps your head in the best position, so that it remains straight and stable. If you sleep on your back, your head is held slightly higher than your shoulders. This slightly stretches your cervical vertebra and reduces muscle tension. The shoulder recess ensures that your neck and shoulders are free, your cervical vertebra remains horizontal and your head can receive maximum support from the pillow. Your neck, neck and shoulder muscles get the chance to relax and recover optimally. The shoulder recess also ensures that the pillow easily follows your movements when changing sleeping positions.

Thanks to the two different heights on both sides of the Athletic Pillow, the pillow is also suitable for people with wide and narrow shoulders. The concavity in the middle of the pillow also prevents the head from tilting during complete relaxation, which avoids friction on the cervical vertebra. For this reason, people with neck complaints benefit greatly from the Athletic Pillow. Finally, the pillow has a hole in the center. This hole reduces pressure on the eardrum. This also prevents damage to the balance organ. This means that a painful, folded auricle is a thing of the past.

Precise size: 50 x 36 x 12 cm

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

(Netherlands and Belgium)

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